Conical Fermentors
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100% Stainless Steel Everything that touches your beer is heavy gauge stainless steel or FDA approved silicone. No need to worry about what options to buy…it’s all standard equipment!!

 Weld-free Interior The Fermenator is the only weld-free interior fermentor (fernemter) on the market!! No stress about bacteria hiding in weld cracks or porosity found in all welds. Even so-called sanitary welds. The surfaces of the Fermenator where the fittings penetrate are smooth (no weld "ripples") so it is a snap to clean and sanitize. Although the weld-free fittings are more expensive than welded fittings, we think it's well worth it for peace of mind and clean, bacteria-free beer.

Standard Rotating Racking Arm The rotating racking arm is standard equipment! Just like the Craft Brewers huge conical fermentors. This feature allows you to start your siphon with the racking arm horizontal, and rotate it slowly downward until you just start picking up yeast sediment. Clearly the best and only way to siphon clear beer! And using the racking arm prevents wasting any beer or carrying sediment into your kegs which happens if you use the bottom dump to rack the beer. This exclusive design utilizes stainless flare fittings which can’t hide bacteria like compression fittings can. And the valve handle shows yo the position of the racking arm at all times.

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