How to Read a Hydrometer


1. Fill the test jar 3/4 full with your sample using your thief. Note temperature of the sample.
2. Slowly put the hydrometer with the glass bulb end down floating it in the liquid. You may have to add more of your sample or remove some (if it overflows). The hydrometer should float with out touching the sides. There should be no bubbles attached to the sided of the instrument, they can usually be removed by spinning it.
3. Again assure that the hydrometer is not in contact with the sides of the cylinder and take the reading.
4. Take the reading by sighting the level of the liquid on the surface where it meets the scale on your hydrometer. By sure to look while your eyes of level with the surface.
5. We need to correct for temperature. Your hydrometer may have as many as three scales on it. Adjusting for temperature is done on the Specific Gravity scale by using the chart on the left.

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