Yeast Starter Stirrer Plate

Instructions for Use

The stirrer plate has a maximum voltage of 12 VDC. However you will not need to use that voltage when using it for your yeast starter. You will need to start the liquid moving using a lower voltage (3 to 4.5 volts).

Once you have established a small vortex (tornado like cone in the middle of the liquid) then move up the voltage (if necessary) to increase the length of the vortex to about an inch. This is all that is required for the sufficient stirring of your yeast starter.

Too large of a vortex may corrupt the circular movement of the stirrer rod by actually reaching it and disrupting the balance of the rod.

Your stirrer rod may rattle for a minute or so at first or after being disturbed This should fade away as the entire volume of liquid establishes or re-establishes a circular current. Be sure that the stirred plate is on a flat level surface away from vibrations and disturbance.




Strong Magnetic Field!

Avoid contact with magnetic media such as data storage devices, credit cards, ID cards etc. Do Not allow near persons with a pacemaker or similar medical devices.

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