Shirron Plate Wort Chiller

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The Shirron Wort Plate Chiller consists of 10 plates of 316SS that are brazed together with 99.9% pure copper. This highly efficient, compact chiller will get your wort to yeast pitching temperatures quickly. The wort side uses 1/2” NPT connections, while the water side uses standard garden hose thread. Works with gravity or pump. 25pcs/case.

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Plate Chiller Hose and Fitting Kit Choices

Accesories (Stainless)

I would like two Stainless Steel Nippple 1/2" FPT x 1/2 Barb

You may need?

Keg Lube Food grade lubricant for rubber and plastic parts.

Plate Chiller Hose and Fitting Kit



Cam Locks (quick and easy way to connect liquid volume hose.)

I would like two 1/2" Stainless Adapter Male Camlock QD

Chiller Fittings and Accessories

I would like a Female to Female Garden Hose Adaptor

I would like one 3/8" Barb X 3/4" Garden Hose Swivel.

I would like one Brass 3/8" Barb X 1/2" FPT Swivel

I would like a Big Daddy 12" Dial Thermometer with clip.

I would like one Blichmann Thrumometer.

Accesories (Stainless)

I would like a Stainless Steel 3/4' GHT Female x 1/2" Barb

Sink Faucet Adaptors


I would like a Thrumometer to measure my output tempature

Garden Hose Quick Disconnect Set

I do not want a Garden Hose Coupler Quick Disconnect Set

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