Perfect Pickler


This Perfect Pickler kit comes with a lid assembly- spacer cup- Light Grey Celtic® sea salt (1/4 lb. resealable bag)- instruction book (with recipes) and a 32 or 64 oz Glass Ball Jar and cover to allow for the storage of your completed pickles in the fridge. Makes the transformation of vegetables into pickles just awesome! Pickled vegetables- also known as live-cultured foods- are alive with probiotic bacteria that offer a wide array of health benefits- including improved digestion- enhanced immunity- and improved intestinal health.! Live-cultured vegetables are a part of the diets of many of the world's most long-lived people. Adding cultured vegetables to your diet is easy and inexpensive with the Perfect Pickler. The Perfect Pickler works through a low-salt fermentation method that uses just a bit of Celtic Sea Salt®- spring water- vegetables- herbs and spices. Unlike most store-bought pickles that are fermented with vinegar and contain refined sugars- homemade pickles made in the Perfect Pickler are alive with friendly microflora- great for the digestive system- and bursting with vitamins- minerals and life-giving enzymes. You can make old-world style pickles right on your kitchen countertop in only four days!!

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