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Original Gravity: 1.0682 Final Gravity: 1.0171 Alcohol by Volume: 6.705%

Before the lager strains were discovered ale yeast was used by the German brewers. These ales had a deep amber color that came from kilning the grains over the high heat wood fires before cooler more controllable coal heat. The "old style" is remarkable different than most ales because of the clean malt flavor and aroma with only a strong hop bitterness in the finish for an accent. Try our version of this classic.



6.6 lbs. Gold Liquid Malt Extract

1 lb. British Pale Grain M&F two row (cracked)

1 lb. Dark German Crystal Grain M&F (cracked)

1/4 lb. Special Roast Grain (cracked)

2 oz.. Chocolate Grain (cracked)

3 oz. Hallertauer hops

1 tsp. Irish Moss

1 pkg. White Labs WLP036 Dusseldorf Alt Yeast

4 oz. Crown Caps (approx. 55 caps)

5 oz. Priming Sugar (approx. 3/4 cup)



Place grains into 1 1/2 gal. cold water. Heat to 160oF. Remove from heat and cover & allow to sit for 60 min. Sparge with 1 gal. 170oF water & return liquid to brewpot. Add malt & 3 oz. hops. Return pot to heat & boil for 30 min. Add Irish Moss & boil for 30 min. Remove from heat & strain into 2 1/2 gal. cold water & pitch yeast when cooled to 80oF or below.

Yields 5 gal.

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