Liquor Quik Distiller's CarbonSnake

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The CarbonSnake is manufactured of food-grade, ethanol resistant plastics. Before and after each use, sterilize the hose, tap and connectors with a non-corrosive cleaning agent such as sulphite or Oxy-San, and rinse well with clean water. The hose assembly requires 2 oz. (60 g) of distiller's granular activated carbon (GAC).

CarbonSnake™ is an inexpensive, easy-to-use carbon purification system. It will remove unwanted odors and flavors from fermented alco-bases (i.e. distiller's yeast/nutrient blends, SuperYeast™, turbo-yeast) and ethanol distillates (i.e. grain or sugar alcohols). Assemble The CarbonSnake™ and attach to a pail as per the diagram above on the right.


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