Heart's Super Chiller

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Compact counterflow helical heat exchanger. Cools boiling wort to within 5o of cooling water temp. Complete with all fittings and wort and water outflow hoses. Steel water jacket copper internal tubing.

Spiral twisted (helical) construction optimizes surface structure of our wort chillers inner tube and enlarges the surface area. Because of Spiral twisting construction, it produced high turbulence flow and enhanced heat transfer efficiency.


- Super Chiller
- 3/4" Garden Hose Female Swivel water in fitting.
- Brass Nipple 3/8'' Barb (wort in).
- Three feet 1/8" wall 3/8" ID  hot wort in hose with clamp. (ID size adjusted for fitting changes/upgrades)
- Three feet 1/16" wall of wort out 1/2" hose with clamp.
- Three feet 1/16" wall of water out 1/2" hose with clamp.

Please Choose:

Tri-Clamp Fittings

10ea 1.5" Silicone Gasket (tri Clover Compatible)

Chiller Fittings and Accessories

I would like one 3/8" Barb X 3/4" Garden Hose Swivel.

I would like a Big Daddy 12" Dial Thermometer with clip.

1) 1/2" FMPT X 3/4" Garden Hose Female Swivel. (as shown)

Sink Faucet Adaptors

Fit my thrumometer to 3/8" ID hose.

You may need?

Keg Lube Food grade lubricant for rubber and plastic parts.

Garden Hose Quick Disconnect Set

I do not want a Garden Hose Coupler Quick Disconnect Set

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  • Model: 9002

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