Ultimate Beer and Cider Brew Kit

Starting at: $179.95

All the comforts of brewing! The Ultimate includes everything you need to brew super quality beer faster and easier. Just add bottles and a 3 gallon (or larger) stainless steel or enamel-coated boiling pot.

  1. 6.7 Gallon Priming Bucket with Lid and Bottling Spigot
  2. 5 Gallon Plastic Better Bottle
  3.  Blow-Off Tube
  4. Hydrometer
  5. Dial Thermometer
  6. Jet Brass Bottle and Carboy Washer
  7. Standard 15" Bottle Filler
  8. Carboy Handle
  9. Pin Set Bench Capper
  10. 12" Funnel with Strainer
  11. Handy Masher
  12. 3/8" ID Tubing - 5 feet
  13. Bottle Brush
  14. Carboy Brush
  15. 3/8'' Auto Siphon
  16. 3 Piece Plastic Airlock
  17. #10 Rubber Stopper (drilled)
  18. B-Brite Clenzer - 8 oz. Tub
  19. New Complete Joy of Home Brewing Book
  20. Amberdyne Sanitizer - 4 oz. Bottle



This kit has a ''Handy Masher'' Partial Mash System! A partial mash brewers dream! The Handy Masher maintains the temperature for you and there is only one piece of equipment to clean.


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