American Brown Ale - Beer Recipe

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Original Gravity: 1.0626 Final Gravity: 1.0156 Alcohol by Volume: 6.148%

Think of the English style. American Brown Ales have more alcohol and hops. A faint dry roasty taste is also present. This medium bodied beer is dark amber to dark brown and has decided citrus note from the American hops.


6.6 lbs. Gold Liquid Malt Extract

1 lb. 40 L. Crystal (cracked)

1 lb. British Pale Ale Grain (cracked)

1/3 lb. Chocolate Grain (cracked)

2 oz. Mt. Hood Hops

1/2 oz. Cascade Hops

1 oz. Cascade Hops

1 pkg. White Labs WLP001 California Ale Yeast

4 oz. Crown Caps (approx. 55 caps)

5 oz. Priming Sugar (approx. 3/4 cup)



Place grains into 1 gallon of cold water. Heat to 160oF. Remove from heat. Cover and allow to sit for 60 minutes. Sparge with 1 gallon of 170oF water and return the liquid to brew pot. Add Malt Extract and 2 oz Mt Hood Hops. Return the pot to heat and boil form 30 minutes. Add 1/2 oz. Cascade Hops and boil for 30 more minutes. Remove form heat and add the final 1 oz. Cascade Hops. Steep for 5 minutes. Strain into 3 gallons cold water and pitch yeast when cooled to 80oF or below.

Yields 5 gallons.

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