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Colona Corker/Capper 7405X

Colona Corker/Capper

A larger version of the Gear Driven Capper; this has the same great quality; and corks wine bottles too.

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Deluxe Wine Corking Kit 7999

Deluxe Wine Corking Kit

Kit Includes: 1 Portuguese Floor Corker   30 #8 Corks 30 PVC Shrinkable Capsules. 1 lb Potassium Metabisulfate Plastic Bottle Tree hold 80...

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Ferrari Floor Corker W10P

Ferrari Floor Corker

Inserts corks into nearly any size of wine or champagne bottle. Iris compression auto action in one motion.

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Double Lever Corker W110

Double Lever Corker

A tapered chamber compresses the cork on its way down into the bottle.

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Easy Double Lever Corker W110A

Easy Double Lever Corker

The Easy Double Lever Corker has nylon and metal construction that make it easy to clean, and with it's adjustable drive height you can place the...

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Basic Corking Kit W110B

Basic Corking Kit

Kit Includes: 1 Double Lever Corker.30 #8 Corks30 PVC Shrinkable Capsules

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