Bottling Instructions


  Begin by washing, sanitizing and rinsing enough bottles to hold 5 to 6 gallons of  beer, wine or other product. Then sanitize you your equipment.
STEP 2   Soak your bottle caps in a sanitizing solution.
STEP 3   Take a final hydrometer reading of sample from carboy.
STEP 4 If you are Bottle Conditioning...boil 3/4 cup corn sugar in one cup of water and pour into priming bucket.
Using your racking tube and tubing, siphon beer out of your carboy into your priming bucket
leaving all sediment behind.
STEP 5   Rinse your racking tube and hose and attach it to the spigot at the bottom of your priming bucket.
Place bucket on counter top.
Attach bottle filler to other end of tubing and open spigot.
STEP 6 Place filler all the way down into each bottle until it touches the bottom of the bottle.
Press the filler down against the bottom and the bottle will start to fill.
Fill the bottle to the very top, when you remove the filler the liquid will drop to the appropriate level.
STEP 7   Place a cap on closure on each bottle and secure with your bottle capper or corker.
STEP 8   Put the bottles away in a cool dark place. If you are Bottle Conditioning... you may want to test a bottle in ten day to two weeks to see your progress.
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