Picking up an order?


-Save Time 
-Save Shipping. 
-Get Brewing or Wine Making Sooner. 
-You can have someone else pick your order up without giving them a list, instructions or descriptions. It will just be ready for quick easy pick up when they arrive.
-Know what is or is not available so you don't have to make changes/substitutions on the fly.

 It’s a great time saver for you as well as us.

At Heart's we do not pre-package or pre-process any of our fresh ingredients. We crack, weigh and portion your order when you request it. In doing this for all our customers, we often have delays in getting you your product and getting you on your way. There is no telling how many customers will be waiting for there turn for the scale, mill or register when you arrive. We are always looking for better ways to get everyone the best quality products possible and keeping the waiting line to minimum. Ordering ahead is a great way to save time for you, and for us.

Here's how:

The best way to give us your pickup order is on the website. Just choose "Pick up" from the shipping method menu on the order form. Then fill out the pick up date and time fields at the bottom of shipping information section of the form. (Shipping will not be charged.) You can choose to pay online or pay at the store when placing your pick up order.  Also, when you order on the web, your order is saved in your account and the whole order can be put back in your cart with just one click… making a reorder easy. Once in your cart, you can make changes to the order and add or subtract items before submitting.

Be sure to address the following grain requests:

-Grain: cracked or whole.
-Grain: bagged together or bagged separately.


You can order several grain bills on the same order. Just use the tool on the website to tell us how to separate the grain bills into Bag A, Bag B, Bag C or Bag D when placing the order.


-If you wish to order multiples of bulk items, multiples of identical items or special order items, please order at least two weeks in advance. We would like to insure that we have everything you want when you come and still be able to have product for our other customers. We order about every two weeks.


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