Balsamic Fig Pizza

Balsamic fig, pear or green apple and brie pizza

In a sauce pan add, 1 cup dried black mission figs or 2 cups quartered fresh black mission or brown turkey figs,

1 cup balsamic vinegar (just the basic stuff not the long aged pricey ones) then add 1 cup of water,

bring to a boil and reduce heat and simmer until the figs are soft and breaking down,

remove from heat and place in a blender or use a hand blender in the pot,(if using a blender allow to cool before blending)

put back on the heat and simmer until the mixture begins to thicken,

strain forcing the liquid through with the back of spoon, reserve 1/4 of the solids

return liquid to the pot and add the reserved solids, reduce until thickened.

Peel a granny smith apple or pear and slice in half remove the core and thinly slice half of it.

Quick method, you can buy balsamic fig jam at some stores, just thin it a little with water.   

One pizza dough recipe,( use half for the fig pizza and half for what ever other pizza you like) Stretch the dough for pizza as usual.

To top the pizza

Spoon three or four tablespoon of the fig mixture on uncooked pizza crust, top with sliced brie cheese , spread some of the apple or pear slices on top and spoon a few more tablespoons of fig mixture on top and bake.

An additioinal Topping: Use Roasted the Pumpkin Seeds:

1. Wash the seeds in a colander to remove the pumpkin webbings.
2. Heat the oven to 300
3. Sprinkle a fine salt on the bottom of a sheet pan and spread the wet seed on the pan.
4. Sprinkle more fine salt on them and toss. The salt will liquify and coat the seeds.
5. Spread them back to a single layer and put them in the oven. Toss them every 10 minutes until the seeds are dry and crunchy.
6. Cool, put in a bowl, and watch them disappear.

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