Vintage Shop SUPER Transfer Pump


Our Super Transfer Pump is quick, compact and portable.

It is easy to install anywhere, since it comes with mountable shock-absorbing feet.

This self-priming unit is specially designed to save you time. You can transfer a 5-gallon carboy in approximately 1.5 minutes.

·                         It flows at a rate between 1 to 3 GPM (gallons per minute).

·                         Has an on/off switch with variable flow adjustment dial and a 5' electrical cord.

·                         Comes with a pre-filter to prevent clogging of the pump head.

·                         Comes with hoses, clamps, fittings and a spanner wrench.

·                         BPA Free

Can tolerate temperatures up to 212 F (100C), however, will need to use a different type of hose for high temperature as the ones provided with the pump will only stand up to 130F (54C). -Self Priming -Automatic Shut-off -Thermally Protected Motor -Adjustable Flow Rate .8-3.0 gallons per minute -Can run continuously for 90 minutes

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  • Model: W149

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