Sweet Mead Recipe Kit

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Original Gravity: 1.135 Final Gravity: 1.0171 Alcohol by Volume: 8.14%


3ea. 5 Pound Containers of Chefs Choice Clover or Wildflower Honey

4 gallons of spring water (not Included)

2 teaspoons of yeast nutrient (already portioned in additive package)

2 teaspoons of yeast energizer (already portioned in additive package)

2 teaspoons of yeast acid blend (already portioned in additive package)

1 package of White Labs Sweet Mead/Wine Yeast

4 oz. Crown Caps (approx. 55 caps)
5 oz. Priming Sugar (approx. 3/4 cup)


About 2 hours before starting put 2 gallons of good quality water in your freezer (allow enough time to get very cold but not quite frozen)


Bring the other 2 gallons of good quality water to a boil. Once the water reaches a boil, remove it from the heat and stir in all of the honey. Do not boil the honey, as it reduces the aromatic quality of the finished mead.


While the honey dissolves in the water, fill your fermanter with 2 gallons of near freezing water. Add water with honey and the other ingredients except yeast.  Test the temperature to see if the mixture is below 80oF. If not, this can be accelerated with a so-called sink bath that is, repeatedly immersing the pot in cold water in a sink or basin. Once you reach a temperature below 80oF, pitch your yeast.


Seal the fermanter with an airlock and allow the mixture to ferment for two weeks to one month. The progress of fermentation can judged by monitoring the carbon-dioxide bubbles escaping from the air lock: When they drop to one bubble every minute, fermentation has nearly concluded. Note that is only an issue during this primary fermentation; secondary fermentation has more to do with aging and mellowing and hence is more flexible. When primary fermentation has subsided, siphon the mead over to your secondary fermenter. Allow one to four months aging time.


Mead can be still or sparkling. To make it sparkling just add priming sugar and bottle it in beer bottles like you would a home made beer. Beer Bottling Instructions.



Yields approx.4.5 gal.

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