E.S.B Style Ale - Beer Recipe Kit

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Original Gravity: 1.0745 Final Gravity: 1.0186 Alcohol by Volume: 7.316%

This recipe was created to duplicate the fresh flavor and characteristics of the keg version of Fuller's ESB. It has a malty richer flavor and ample hops to match. The malts and hops have a unique balanced in this beer. Try it! We think you'll be delighted.


6.6 lbs. Gold Liquid Malt Extract

2 lbs. Light Brown Sugar or Turbinado Sugar (sugar in the raw) (excluded from pricing) (See choices below.)

1 lb. 2 Row British Pale Grain (cracked)

6 oz. British Crystal Grain (cracked)

6 oz. Cara-Pils Grain (cracked)

4 oz. (25.2 AAU) Kent Golding (boil)

1/2 oz. (3.2 AAU) Kent Golding (finish)

1/2 oz. (3.2 AAU) Kent Golding (dry hop)

1 tsp. Gypsum

1 pinch Table Salt (Not included in recipe)

1 tsp. Irish Moss

1 pkg. White Labs WLP002 English Ale Yeast.

4 oz. Crown Caps (approx. 55 caps)

5 oz. Priming Sugar (approx. 3/4 cup)



Place grains gypsum& table salt into 1 1/2 gal. cold water. Heat to 160oF. Remove from heat cover & allow to steep for 1 hour. Sparge with 1 gal. 170oF water & return liquid to brewpot. Add malt extract & brown sugar & bring to boil. Add 4 oz. hops & boil for 30 min. Add Irish Moss & boil for 15 more min. Add 1/2 oz. hops & boil for 15 min. Strain into 3 gal. cold water & pitch yeast when cooled to 80oF or below. Dry Hop - After blow-off is complete (approx. 4 days) remove blow-off tube & add 1/2 oz. hops directly into carboy. Attach airlock & allow beer to finish. Hops will float on top. When finished: rack prime and bottle being careful to avoid getting hops in siphon hose.

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