The first thing you should know is that Wine Making is very easy and very forgiving. Unlike beer brewing, the process requires no boiling, no extreme measures for sanitation and no conversion of starch to sugars. Most people who start making wine are astounded by how easy it is. Often they ask "Is that all there is to it?" 

Lets have a look at some wine making options. 

Wine Concentrate Kits.

This has become the most popular way to make wine at home. No doubt, if there is anything that was hard about wine making, it would have to be the de-stemming and extracting the juice from the grapes along with choosing when they are the correct ripeness for harvest. The producers of these Concentrate kits have taken care of all of that for you. There are so many varieties available, stemming from the noble grapes (Cabernet, Chardonnay, Merlot etc.) to blush and fruited wines. The quality is that of boutique wine store wines. If you divide the 30 bottles you typically get from one these kits by the price you pay for the kit, You will see the savings are tremendous... and it's "paint by the numbers" easy.    

Have a look at directions for a typical Wine Concentrate Kit for home wine making.



 The kit we sell for Home Wine Making has all you need to do a Wine Concentrate Kit. You just have to come up with 30 bottles before bottling time.  Empty bottles can be purchased if need be. Have a look at our wine starter kit.


Here are the Wine Concentrate Kits that we sell for Home Wine Making. (We can special order others.)



Making Wine From Fruit Concentrate Bases or Juices

There are fruit base wine concentrates available for the home wine maker. They often have more than one recipe on the package because it is just sold as a component. The basic chemicals and additives are listed on the label for the most common or recommended usages. However, the bases do not come with these chemical or additives.

Often home wine makers will have a recipe to make from some commercially available juice or concentrate. This is usually a handed down recipe or something found on the web etc. Most likely this will also call for the purchase of  chemicals and additives as well. The recipe will specify what you need beyond the juice or concentrate.    

The kit we sell for Home Wine Making also has all you need to make wine from fruit concentrate bases and juices. If you did not click on it above,  have a look at our wine starter kit.



Here are the Fruit Wine Base Concentrates we offer.



Also, if you already have a recipe in mind you can have a look at the chemicals and additives we offer.



Making Wine from Fruit and Grapes

Now we get into how to extract the juice from the fruit and grapes. The crushing and de-stemming can be addressed in a number of ways. Most beginning home wine making books address ways to achieve this. However, there are lots of other unique and amusing ways to  crushing and de-stem  grapes...check the internet.

The easiest way to squeeze the juice out is to buy a table press... and as luck would have it... you guessed it... we sell them... Click Here. However there are also lots of unique and amusing ways to squeeze grapes...check the internet. 

  The  crushing de-stemming is likely going to be done by hand for a home operation. We have special ordered de-stemmers for high volume wine makers... however, they are expensive and overkill for most home wine  making operations. Call us if you want one. The major thing is that you get to the juice and have the proper chemicals to address the fruit or grape wine recipe. That information should be in the recipe that your are using, it varies greatly from one recipe author to another. There is a book that comes with the kit that offers some recipes and solutions to achieving this, and it comes with the kit. There is also the internet.   Remember, there is no right, best recipe or technique to make wine this way... the one that produces the best product in your opinion is the right or best recipe or technique.

Once you get to the juice stage, our Deluxe Wine Kit will have all you need for the rest of the process. Have a look at the kit if you have not already done so above.



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